New Music: Ariana Grande – ‘Break Free’ (ft. Zedd)...

Ah, where do I begin? The urban-pop lane suited Ariana Grande just perfectly, and I was loving the little throwback R&B thang she had going on. She was paying homage to a time in music where music was at its finest. Then she drops her second single 'Break Free' a couple of hours ago, and it's an overproduced, EDM/pop song, produced by Zedd and Max Martin. The melody is catchy so I don't doubt its hit potential. However, the track is faceless and generic, but not really offensive. Perhaps she really is trying to distance herself from those pesky Mariah comparisons.
Ariana is very talented, and I feel she should be using her instrument on better material. I understand she's coming for that summer smash and wants to broaden her audience. However, she could easily have done that with a more progressive sound. Ariana recently shot a video for the song, which was inspired by the 1960s sci-fi film Barbarella and she will perform it at the MTV Video Music Awards the day before her album drops. Her sophomore album 'My Everything' is due August 25th.