Toni Braxton’s assistant reads Tamar for filth...

Some people must not care about their job. Apparently, Toni Braxton’s assistant crossed a serious line when he RUTHLESSLY threw her sister under the bus. The guy, who goes by the name Zo, absolutely showed no mercy. But then, some people would say Tamar was only getting a taste of her own medicine.
He came for her on Instagram last night after she made a comment stating, "I don’t know if I can comment 'cause my Instagram stalker might get on board.” Although, she didn't specifically say who the stalker was, he directly came for her anyway. Of course the little exchanges were wiped and erased with the quickness, but when it comes to beefs, especially intense ones like these, nothing ever stays buried.

Even K. Michelle's name was dragged into it:
He totally roasted Tamar on Instagram after she inquired about one of his posts, and then went on to say she was "unbooked" and "unbothered." 

His response was NOT forgiving to say the least:
"You say your unbothered but talking about me throughout social media…my next response won’t be so “respectful.” So like I said…pick and choose your battles… never forget. And since the post is about the show…shall we comment? On that lip synced non singing and dancing show of yours? Got a soul train award acting like this I could only imagine if you got a BET award. Don’t tell us what you got nominated for tell us what you won Nephew. And again you have my number Mr. ESTINE."
Ouch! He literally scalped her! Pulled out every single hair follicle. Can't say I feel too bad for Tamar. She always stays in some mess, practically inviting it to her doorstep, but this type of roasting right here... okay, I guess I do feel a tad bit sorry for her. Maybe this will enable her to calm her tits down. In the worse case scenario, when you mess with the wrong person, THIS is what happens.