Watch: Chris Brown joins Drake in hilarious ESPYs skit...

Chris Brown and Drake's reconciliation moves from the recording studio to the ESPYs! Last night, the pair co-starred in a hilarious 'Drake vs. Blake' skit. Drake and Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin humorously try to embarrass and wreck havoc on each other's careers with their pranks. In one scene, Chris has been assigned to perform an appendectomy on Drake (instead of an actual surgeon), and yells "YOLO!" at his onetime rival before putting him under.
Following the skit, Chris made a live appearance at the awards, introducing himself as “America’s sweetheart”, while Drake was tied up backstage. In another life, I'd probably marry ALL three of them but it's good to see that they are back on good terms and can have a laugh about it now. Oh, since we can see this 30's hair full frontal (not at the bad angle), I have to say it actually looks pretty good!