Danity Kane drama continues over scrapped reality show + Aundrea breaks silence...

Who needs 'The Young & Restless' when DK are serving up some serious soap opera realness?! Earlier today, footage from the pilot of Danity Kane's now-scrapped E! reality show surfaced online. 

Let's just say Dawn Richard was not shown in the best light. She is seen arguing with Aubrey 'O Day, and the other members. The other girls are fuming at her because she wants to work on side projects and they feel she isn't fully committed to the band 100%.

 They made her look like a selfish snotty bitch in this footage and she must have felt the wrath because she went into defense mechanism by serving up her own receipts/evidence.

She took to Instagram to explain:
“Actually, this was staged and sent as a pilot and we never got a show because tv shows could read through the *fake fight* me and Aubrey had to have to do it. The bigger question is how for all of a sudden everyone have this footage. This is so sad.”
At such appropriate timing, an email between Dawn and a producer from the show had "leaked" to further back up Dawn's claims.

Basically, the fight was fake and the show scripted as they were encouraged to sell themselves if they wanted the pilot to be picked up. I guess they ACTED this fight into existence though.

Ex-member Aundrea Fimbres also weighs in on the drama keeping things on neutral ground. The fact that they created "fake beef" for a reality show has made some of their fans lose respect for them because it should have been about the music.

And here is the leaked reality show footage that has sparked off all the latest commotion: