Danity Kane’s Dawn & Aubrey get into a physical fight + cops are called...

Miaow! According to TMZ, Danity Kane band mates Dawn Richards and Aubrey O’Day got into a physical fight during a disagreement while working on their new album at an LA recording studio on Monday. Dawn reportedly clocked Aubrey in the head with a closed fist. DK’s third member, Shannon Bex tried to break up the fight and failed dismally. Shortly after, Aubrey filed a battery report and now cops are investigating.
Not good news at all. It seems like this comeback of theirs is ruined before it's even begun. Shunned members, Twitter spats, unexpected pregnancies and now fist fights. The odds stacked against this group and their album is... yeah, not great. Good luck, ladies!

Beef? What beef? The girls did some damage control because a video which was recorded earlier today has popped up via Rap-Up and shows Aubrey and Shannon wishing Dawn a happy birthday. Strategically, this is such a Beyoncé move. But we can all sigh in relief that all is well.