Dawn Richard breaks silence on Danity Kane split...

In what can be deemed an ambush of two against one, former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard speaks up following the official statement released by Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex. 

In the statement, both girls offered explanations of events leading up to the sudden group split. TMZ reports that Dawn could not keep her anger in check when she discovered Aubrey and Shannon were meeting behind her back, recording tracks in her absense and discussing business matters involving the group.

Dawn showed up to the studio and interrupted a private session they were having which lead to Dawn punching Aubrey. She tells TMZ that the stories about her being a brute are “exaggerated lies and false accusations.” After tweeting the linked TMZ article, she took to Twitter to make clarification. 

RIP to those three music videos that were about to be shot. It's a shame that fans will no longer be left with a parting gift due to somebody's pride and ignorance. They should have seen this through to the end but when somebody punches you in the head, there's just no going back. Nobody wants to associate themselves with the very person that assaulted them and why should they? This could only ever end one way. Hopefully, there are still plans to release the album for the fans who have waited so long for it.