Drake shows love to Rihanna following insinuated devil diss...

No love loss huh? 

Drake has denied referring to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna as the devil during his OVO Fest performance in Toronto this week. His set included a fiery 6 flashing on the screen behind him followed by satanic imagery of Rihanna, with the 6 repeating itself three times.

Despite all this, Drake clarifies the meaning and says he has nothing but love for Rihanna. Check out his response inside.

Rihanna Navy must have got in that ass. Even if he meant no ill intent, I am sure he must have had an inkling of an idea how this would have been perceived. Stirring up controversy to bring some publicity to an upcoming project is actually good cause for motive. Not that he needs to pull such tricks and gimmicks. He is a consistent big week album seller, and this stunt kind of made him look desperate.