Justin Timberlake calls Madonna his "ninja" + deletes tweet after uproar...

Uh oh!

Justin Timberlake infuriated Black Twitter last night when he referred to Madonna as his “mother chucking ninja” while wishing her a happy 56th birthday. Madonna also landed herself in hot water recently when she called her white son a “n*gga” while being the adoptive parent of two black children. 

After receiving an online dragging, JT deleted the tweet. Full story inside.

I'm not African-American and I for one could not understand why the word 'ninja' would cause so much offense until I looked into it. For those not understanding, the term 'ninja' is what they would consider the safer way to say “n*gga” without saying “n*gga.” 

Folks deem his tweet inappropriate given light of what's been happening with this current Michael Brown controversy. Perhaps he should have added the word 'turtle' and he might have gotten off more lightly. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here looking like this.

The tweet also came with this pic: