Preview: Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd - 'Love Me Harder'...

With Ariana Grande being so popular, can anyone blame those for jumping on a track with her, even if the music is not in their lane? She previews a low quality snippet of 'Love Me Harder,' her duet with The Weeknd. It's not something Abel would put out, as the song is very sappy happy pop and there may even be some backlash that he sold out his artistic integrity all for the sake of a radio hit. 
Maybe it's his way of widening his audience especially if this gets released officially but his fans may not see it that way. I was expecting something really dark and shrill but different isn't a bad thing I guess. On a positive note, it DOES sound like a radio hit. I'll reserve my proper thoughts until I get to hear the song in full. Ariana's new album 'My Everything' is due in stores August 25th.