Snippet: Drake kiss & tells on his relationship with Rihanna in new song...

For both Chris Brown and Drake to release songs about Rihanna on the same day, I'd say she must be dabbling in some serious voodoo! A snippet of a new Drake song, allegedly titled 'Views From The 6' leaked yesterday. This is the title track off his upcoming new album. 

Anyway, he goes into detail about his on-off relationship with her, and even samples her voice in the song.

The track features these very telling lyrics: "Must remember waking up in Paris with the blunt. You must remember f*cking me like anytime you want. What made us wanna act like we were married for two weeks. Now we’re back in California we don’t even speak. That’s a no-no. Everyone say we look good on paper. You deserve that action. Plus you get more paper than I do. That shit is attractive. Things that make me miss you." 

He was referring to that time when Rihanna followed him to Paris during his world tour when they were papped in the same ride, leaving the same hotel and going to dinner. He also gives a shoutout to Rihanna’s besties Jenn & Melissa and a voicemail from Rihanna says "Say Hi, M." Dude wants Rihanna to claim him so bad, I can hear the hurt. But kissing and telling in a song though?!