Watch: Brandy gets emotional after Oprah confronts her for lying about her marriage...

Lying to Oprah is wrong on so many levels, and Brandy sure knows it! During a new preview for Oprah’s upcoming 'Where Are They Now?' episode, Brandy shed a little tear after Oprah confronted her for lying about being married to her baby daddy Robert Smith. Brandy was worried that having a child out of wedlock would ruin her image and everything she worked so hard for.
At the time, I recall Brandy saying it was a spiritual union to that effect but I feel lying did her career more harm than good. When people found out, it just made her look really bad. It's one thing to tell a white lie secretly but to lie over something so big on a public platform? Risky! She did apologize for lying to Oprah's face though.

The new episode of 'Where Are They Now?' will air on August 3rd at 9PM on OWN. Watch Brandy's emotionally-fueled explanation below.