Watch: Fergie talks upcoming new solo album...

Black Eyed Peas front woman Fergie reveals to Chelsea Handler last night that she’s currently busy in the studio, working on her second solo album. This isn't the first time Fergie has spoken about working on a new record. She's actually mentioned it a few times in previous interviews. So, it's nothing we didn't already know.

However, it's good news that the album is still very much on the cards. 'The Dutchess', which was released in 2006 and spawned pop hits ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Glamorous’, was such a brilliant urban-pop record.

I won't get too excited until I hear the music first. When Justin Timberlake came back after so many years, the album just didn't live up to expectations. But I am looking forward to a new Fergie album. Are you?