K. Michelle comes for Elle Varner again on ‘The Breakfast Club’...

Give K. Michelle a positivity test and she will fail it ten times over. Actually, if she passed, it would probably kill her. Seriously. I just don't think it's possible for this chick to have one positive interview. 

During her sit-down with 'The Breakfast Club', she criticises former friend Elle Varner for copying her (again) and highly disrespects Lil Kim (and Kim's fans too.)

Denies any relationship with Meek Mill: 
“I’ve never swung on his poll. I’ve never slept with him. He never been between my legs (they flirted however). We could’ve slept together. We never have.”
Criticises Elle Varner aka “Curly Head” for swaggerjacking her style and music:
“I’m the only bitch yodeling in these hooks. You can’t do this. She went and put it out. Management told me they didn’t like the record and they wasn’t gonna put it out (because of it, she fired her management and signed with Lady Gaga’s former manager Troy Carter). They tried to keep me in a box, but musically that’s something you can’t do. My album outsold hers, but she get to sing it? I book more than her, but she get to sing the same exact record? But I’m not good enough for it?” 
Criticises Lil Kim after her fans (along with Kim) came for her on Twitter for calling Nicki Minaj “the queen of rap” during the VMAs:
“Bitch tryna get a moment. Neither one of us was [at the VMAs], motherfu**er. At least I’m in the studio working. You been in the game, you could of at least been a guest. Why would you go and talk to me on Twitter? ‘Cause you wanna keep them three fans you got. You could’ve been a woman and texted me. F**k them ignorant ass Lil’ Kim fans.”
 On meeting her idol Mary J. Blige during her visit to the station:
“I just met my idol Mary J Blige. I cried like a baby. You will never understand how special this moment was for me. Mary J changed my entire life as an artist. I learned to sing through the pain. This is one of the biggest moments of my career. Wow, I’m in shock.”