New Music: Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz – ‘Burnin’ Up’ (second single)...

Jessie J returns with her follow up single, ‘Burnin’ Up’ featuring rapper 2 Chainz. 

The cut serves as a catchy, up-tempo club track, dripping with sex. It's packed with big pop beats and a little R&B bounce, falling right in line with 'Bang Bang.' The Max Martin-produced cut even has some similarities to Cheryl Cole's 'Crazy Stupid Love', especially during 2 Chainz's part.

The song itself is not good, nor bad. It's catchy, but totally forgettable. As for all that screaming, how is it possible for a good singer to not know how to sing? I just don't get it. The song is available on iTunes tomorrow, September 23rd and will appear on her new album 'Sweet Talker', due October 13th.