R&B Stars: A fight for "Relevancy"

It seems as though with every generation of R&B, there are a few elite stars that dominate without "competition".  These stars are often said to be "relevant" according to PR Standards. These artists very rarely have to worry about the competition because for the most part they enjoy the perks of a guaranteed success due to their media status.

On thinking further, I wondered, what does the word "relevant" actually mean? Is it talent? Is it likeability? We have to look at this term in order to see why the industry has become a gimmick. These artists that are deemed "relevant", more often than not have an overpriced media value for their antics outside the music. Even more worrisome is the fact that these "relevant" artists very rarely have creative control.

A simple look at Rihanna's album credits will show this. It is very notable that she does not write or even co-write the majority of her songs released. This to me means that the labels are happy to fork up the money to front the projects on the pretext that they control said work and even own the masters to the artists work.

Having said that, the R&B stars from the 90's are considered not relevant! Why? Artists like Brandy and Monica who were the it-girls are now deemed as the weakest link. My question to you readers is, what to you defines relevancy? Please comment below and leave your remarks.