Rihanna song PERMANENTLY replaced on NFL Football Broadcast after she slams CBS...

It's actually really commendable how Rihanna always stands her ground and is not afraid to call out the big folks. CBS released a statement saying they will NOT be using Rihanna's performance going forward with: 

"Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our Thursday Night Football open. We will be using our newly created Thursday Night Football theme music to open our game broadcast."

They made the announcement after Rihanna publicly blasted them in a series of tweets for dropping her song from last week’s premiere due to the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. Of course CBS had no choice but to find an alternative for the Rihanna game opener. She denied them use of 'Run This Town' when (at her request) Roc Nation took back their license. Can you imagine if they got their payback by inviting Chris Brown to perform at next years Super Bowl?