Robin Thicke admits to LYING about writing 'Blurred Lines'...

Funny how some people are quick to change their story when they are hit with a big fat, giant lawsuit for plagiarism. 

Newly released quotes from a deposition interview displays Robin Thicke admitting to telling a whole lot of lies while he was high on drugs and alcohol for most of last year. Thicke repeatedly did interviews claiming he was so inspired by the Marvin Gaye classic 'Got To Give It Up' that he and Pharrell Williams wrote their own spin of the song in “about an hour.”

His story now conveniently changes since the Gaye family are suing him for ripping off their late relative’s song. The new story? He didn’t write the song at all and has taken to placing all of the blame on Pharrell instead. At the time, he just wanted some credit because he was "jealous." He says he was actually high when Pharrell wrote it. I am actually interested to hear Pharrell's side to him "being the only one to write the song" because this could get quite messy. 

I've never seen someone's success dramatically spiral downhill as fast as Thicke's. He had to quit publicly harassing his estranged wife after she refused to take him back, and it didn't really help him as his album encountered abysmal sales everywhere. It's hard to feel bad for someone like that when he had a good wife at home willing to support him. 

Instead he let his drug/alcohol abuse and alleged cheating contribute to the end of his marriage. Not to mention that picture proof shows the multiple times he publicly humiliated the poor woman. What did he expect? This is what happens when you let success go to your head. Not only did it cost him his career, it cost him his marriage too.