Adele's music...

Later this year, monster-selling diva Adele is slated to drop her hotly anticipated third studio album (via XL and Columbia Records), which is reportedly called '25.' 

Last night, two demo/previously unreleased tracks were leaked online. Don't be too surprised if these outtakes were leaked by her team on purpose. It would make sense if they want to increase hype for her new album, and it's certainly working.

The songs are called 'Never Gonna Leave You' and 'You’ll Never See Me Again,' which came from 2010's Fraser T Smith recording sessions for her album '21.' Check 'em out!

You’ll Never See Me Again:
*Audio removed due to request*

With its gushing string arrangement and psychedelic guitar work, this is pretty much 'Set Fire To The Rain' 2.0 mixed in with Lana's 'Ultraviolence.' Easy to see why it didn't make the final cut, as it doesn't make sense to have two similar songs on one album. 

Never Gonna Leave You:
*Audio removed due to request*

This serves as a delicate acoustic ballad, with powerful vocals, minimalist production and a simple melody. Great song, but not as strong as the cuts that made '21.' So in a nutshell, these are some of the obvious reasons why these songs were not used.