X Factor ratings dramatically plummet...

Somewhere drinking wine in glee, is Nicole Scherzinger. Remember when Cheryl Cole had not so nice things to say about Nicole in her official autobiography? On Saturday, the X Factor launched with 9.5 million viewers, up 300,000 on the equivalent episode last year.

The second installment on Sunday (which focused on the Groups & Overs) showed that viewers were not impressed by Saturday's show. It lost 1.3 million viewers on the night before with just 8.2 million tuning in.

It was down by almost 2 MILLION viewers on last year’s first Sunday show, which averaged 9.3 million. All in all, viewers have shown their preference to Nicole as a panelist (she was bubbly, likable and had great personality). Cheryl has apparently failed to do what Simon thought she could. To be honest, no matter who he gets on the show, it wouldn't make a lick of difference.

Talent shows are no longer what they were from 2002-2005. We've seen it all before. The show is just tired and boring. Same format, same sob stories, same novelty acts. Cheryl had her time, Louis Walsh is now out of touch and Mel B is not very likable.

This season, a lot of preference has been shown towards the joke acts, with Simon Cowell saying yes to Blonde Electric and several other acts who were clearly crap. It was blatant he only allowed them to go through because he feels they can provide the entertainment value to attract viewers.  

Ten years ago, as a serious judge, when talent shows were the rage, he would never have said yes to these rubbish acts. In recent years, we have never had another Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. It's time to axe these talent shows, American Idol included. 

Plummeting ratings each year show that viewers are no longer here for them. Unfortunately, for as long as they're making money from advertising, the shows will continue to go on no matter how bad they get or how much ratings continue to plummet.