Britney Spears tweaks 'Slave 4 U' performance, adds a pole...

This song will never get old in my book, even if Britney Spears has struggled to bring the fire in her performances. 

Last night, she tweaked her 'Slave 4 U' performance for her 'Piece Of Me' show, adding a pole‚ a hot new outfit and some new choreography. It was also refreshing to see her rocking her own hair, as opposed to the nasty looking wigs she's been wearing at previous shows.

I shouldn't speak too soon as I feel the wigs will make a comeback at some point (she seems to favour long hair more). I wouldn't say she smashed it but she does appear more confident in her performances compared to how she was from 2007 onwards.

Photos: The Onyx Zone

From mark 3:28 - 3:40, she almost falls when coming down some stairs but totally got back into it. The full performance is below.