Chris Brown slams store for falsely promoting appearance...

An angry Chris Brown fumes at an LA-based clothing brand for falsely advertising his appearance (allegedly) for their store’s grand opening. 

Last month, Mistaken Clothing – branded as MSTKN – promoted an October 4th meet and greet with the singer, sponsored by LA’s Power 106. In a now deleted tweet, he criticises the store for false advertisement, even going as far as slagging off their clothes.

The flyer for the event, stated that meet and greet hopefuls had to spend $50 online or in store by 3PM that day for entry, with Chris supposedly doing a meet and greet from 4PM to 6PM. As expected, Chris was a no show. The brand’s owner Stefani Chapman is furious at Chris for not only failing to stick to his end of the bargain but for publicly criticising their clothes. Chapman says they had a contract with the singer and he had an obligation to show up. Angry messages from both sides below.

Chris Brown bites back in angry tweet: 

Brand owner Stefani Chapman took to Instagram (in a now deleted message) to accuse Chris for allegedly breaching their contract: "We @mstknsociety personally apologize for anybody that came to see @chrisbrownofficial ….we booked and confirmed this artist, with a contract. And sh*t went bad….. And HE decided not to show up! But for him to bash OUR BRAND?!!!! NOT COOL! don’t believe his bullsh*t! Their were other people who were mediating this meet and greet. This is a horrible situation, but for you to personally bash our brand is slander! I’m at a loss for words…"

Seems unprofessional on both ends. There is either a chance that someone representing him (and not his official team) could have signed him up for this without consulting him first or he just didn't want to commit to it. Secondly, if a contract was really signed, why go on a profanity-fueled, slack grammar rant on social media? Why not do what any respectful business would do and quietly sue his ass? Neither Chris or Power 106 promoted such event on their social media pages or official websites despite both of their names appearing on the flyer, so that alone screamed suspect/scam (happens all the time unfortunately.)