Craig David talks about his future on Lorraine...

Having sold 20 million albums worldwide, Craig David is just as much a veteran in the UK as Usher is in his native U.S. 

Unfortunately, his popularity has faded and he struggles to sell albums. Fickle consumers move on, no matter how talented the artist is. I've been reporting about his new album 'Following My Intuition' for well over a year, and now I'm convinced it won't ever be released.

He's planning to go on tour next year June so perhaps the album may drop before then? He now says he's no longer aiming for a deadline or release date which doesn't bode well for the few of us that still enjoy his music. He no longer cares about hit records and number ones but just strives to put out quality music. "Albums are a thing of the past" he says. I love him but I just don't think he'd be saying that if his music was still relevant. Check out his interview below. 

Craig leaves the ITV Studios: