Sunday, 19 October 2014

Has Mariah Carey really redeemed herself on tour?

So, this video of Mariah Carey performing 'Emotions' at her Elusive Chanteuse tour was being passed around by lambs over the weekend. 

The selling point? "You've got to watch this video. First show was just a fluke. Mariah sounds amaaazing. This is the best she's sounded in years." I press play, and no, this is not the best she has sounded in years.

Her chest voice still sounds off, and the only commendable thing about the performance were some of those whistle notes. However, it's still an improvement from that horrific first show, just not on a dramatic level. Mariah fans just don't want to admit she can't sing anymore, and that much was evident when she dropped 'Vision of Love' off the setlist, one of the most vocally challenging songs of her career.

On a brighter note, today marks the 21st anniversary of her iconic power ballad 'Hero,' which was released on October 19th, 1993 via Columbia Records.