Jennifer Lopez in talks for Las Vegas residency (set to earn more than Britney Spears)...

I knew it!

When Jennifer Lopez and her manager Benny Medina were spotted at Britney Spears' show this past Friday, it was because she was looking into her own stint of Vegas shows. 

She is reportedly close to signing a multi-million-dollar deal for her first headliner residency.

According to TMZ, who obtained the contract, J.Lo is being offered $350,000 per show to perform at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. She will reportedly earn more per show than Britney Spears, who earns $310,000 for her current 'Piece of Me' residency. J.Lo’s contract is demanding for 72 shows, three times a week for 24 weeks over a one- or two-year period, which will guarantee her $26,383,326. Britney has signed on to do 96 shows over two years, earning her $29,760,000. But the biggest headliner residency is Celine Dion who does 70 shows a year at Caesars Palace and gets $33,320,000. 

I think this could really work for her. Despite not selling albums like she use to, she has a respectable amount of hits from 1999 to 2004. There are some great songs in her back catalogue (everything from EDM, Pop, and R&B to hip-hop, salsa and Latin pop). People would pay to see her because her shows are amazing, and she really puts in the effort. At 45-years-old, her dance ability and energy levels are at an all time high. On top of that, she is a mother of two children, just like Britney is, so a Vegas residency provides stability, as opposed to traveling around the world all the time. Would YOU be here for it?