Monday, 17 November 2014

Jessie J shoots ‘Masterpiece’ video...

Over the weekend, Jessie J was spotted on the Los Angeles set of her forthcoming music video for new single 'Masterpiece.'

It appears that 'Burning Up' will not be receiving the single treatment in the UK, which serves as no surprise given the lack of promo. Outside of the MOBO Awards, she has hardly performed it on UK soil.

'Burnin Up' has been completely overshadowed by 'Bang Bang.' It barely stood a chance, or perhaps she released it too soon? She should have milked 'Bang Bang' a little longer before dropping a new single. 'Burnin Up' didn't get as much radio support and as a result it suffered. I can see why she has chosen 'Masterpiece' as the official second UK single off her third studio album ‘Sweet Talker.’ It is better suited to that audience, and similar songs have been hits for her in that territory. But how many of these types of songs addressing "the haters" has she released now? It's becoming something of a vicious circle.