Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Rihanna channels Olivia Pope during White House visit...

Mr Fitz, Mr Fitz, where you be Mr Fitz?

Rihanna has great taste in TV shows. She channels Olivia Pope and has just expressed her love of 'Scandal,' through touring the white house! Rihanna and her clique got the chance to tour the White House ahead of her performance at The Concert for Valor in Washington, D.C. later tonight.

Ri took to instagram to share some of these very political moments of herself standing in the White House’s press room and looking very cute doing so. I look forward to her performance tonight!

In related news, Ne-Yo has some really great things to say about Rihanna’s upcoming new album, "I’ve heard some of the stuff. It’s absolutely incredible. I can’t speak on what it sounds like because I’ll get in trouble. Anybody who is a Rihanna fan, is gonna stay a Rihanna fan; anybody that’s not, might become a Rihanna fan" (Capital FM).

So we know she puts out those bops. We're just waiting patiently to hear the new music.