Thursday, 13 November 2014

Rihanna is keeping tight-lipped about album release...

Rihanna is refusing to release details of when her hotly anticipated new album is due, which may be a tad bit worrying for Navy who are expecting it to drop before the end of the year.

During promotion for her new Rogue Man fragrance in Fort Belvoir, Virginia yesterday, she was asked about when the album can be expected.

“I can’t give you any hints of when it will drop. It’s going to be great, that’s all I’m going to tell you and I’m excited about it.” Why the hold-up though? “I try to battle myself and outdo everything I’ve done and that’s been the hardest thing to do. You start overthinking things at times. I can’t wait for everybody to hear (the music) little by little… little by little. I can’t wait.

Not one to follow trends but create them, the direction for R8 certainly has many of us filled with curiousity. The promotional roll-out for her new music will certainly be interesting. Something tells me we won't be disappointed and the wait will definitely be worthwhile.