Beyoncé crams in highlights of her year in 15 seconds...

The biggest highlight of 2014 was Solange beating up Jay Z in that elevator. It shows that Beyoncé's relationship isn't without its faults and that it's not as picture perfect as they try so hard to publicly portray. That is what made the footage so shocking, because this family is so good at hiding their flaws. Image and perception is everything to them. Of course Bey was not going to put that in her happy memories of 2014 collage.

Instead, we get pics of her sister's wedding, her solo European tour, her joint tour with Jay Z, her mother's 60th birthday party in New Orleans, receiving the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs, playing dress-up for Halloween with daughter Blue Ivy and her recent vacations to name the few. No happy memories with Daddy? Wonder why, lol. In deed, Beyoncé certainly had a very eventful year!