Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Listen to Usher's new club banger ‘Still Got It’ (ft. Migos)...

“So you think I fell off” sings Usher, on his new trap banger 'Still Got It.' He's clearly been reading the blogs in regards to his decline, poor album sales and dwindling popularity. Now when someone says they still got it, that's their way of saying they're still relevant or at least trying to convince us of it. Remember when Ashanti did a similar song recently? As an overall performer, he clearly still has it.

He is still one of the best male vocalists of his kind. No other artist is dancing on stage and serving up great vocals the way he does, so kudos to him on that front. My issue is with him putting out underwhelming music, especially crap songs like this one. We all know he is capable of so much better. The Zaytoven-produced cut features  fellow ATLer Migos and it is lifted off the upcoming Digital Trapstars and WeGlobal mixtape, 'Screens on Lock: 4th Quarter Press.' Check it out below, but you're not really missing anything.