Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Jordin Sparks announces new label deal...

Following the recent release of her '#ByeFelicia' mixtape, Jordin Sparks has signed to 'Louder Than Life.' 

This is a record label via Sony Music, which was founded by music executive and producer Salaam Remi. “I am very excited to be working alongside Salaam Remi on my next album,” she said in a new press release issued this week.
“Together, we have created something special. I’m very proud of it and can’t wait to share it!” RCA is also under the Sony umbrella, so it's not as clear cut as assuming she "got dropped." She's still aligned with the same record company she was with after her Idol victory. 

I wonder if she intends to keep this whole new ratchet persona when she's ready to drop the album. She's had such a "clean" image for so long, and now she's throwing out f-bombs on her mixtape. I like this side to her though. Some people think it's forced but she's older now and she's been through stuff, experienced more things. It's okay to be ratchet and show the world some of that attitude she's been keeping hidden for so long!