Monday, 15 December 2014

Ne-Yo unwraps ‘Non-Fiction’ album cover, tracklist, & two new songs...

Here’s the official artwork for Ne-Yo's sixth studio album 'Non-Fiction.' 

The set, featuring production from Shae Taylor, Stargate, Key Wayne, and Glass John, arrives in stores January 27th. He also debuted a lyric video for the upbeat dance number 'Coming With You.' The club cut is a dance-oriented love song, which is not as offensive as I thought it would be.

Meanwhile, 'Religious' serves as an exclusive pre-order track via iTunes and sees him returning to his soulful R&B roots where he sings his girl praises. Now this one is a nice tune, and I had gathered that from the live performances previously. The studio version makes me appreciate it a little bit more. You may like it if the latter song doesn't cater to your tastes. Just like his last few albums, I think he's trying to touch all bases with the pop and R&B. 

Non-Fiction Standard tracklist
1. Run (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
2. Integrity (feat. Charisse Mills)
3. One More (feat. T.I.)
4. Who’s Taking You Home (feat. David Guetta)
5. Time of Our Lives (with Pitbull)
6. Coming With You
7. Good Morning
8. Make It Easy
9. Money Can’t Buy (feat. Jeezy)
10. Religious
11. She Knows (feat. Juicy J)
12. She Said I’m Hood Tho (feat. Candice)
13. Story Time
14. Congratulations

Non-Fiction Deluxe tracklist
1. Non-Fiction
2. Everybody Loves/The Def of You
3. Run/An Island (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
4. Integrity (feat. Charisse Mills)
5. One More (feat. T.I.)
6. Time of Our Lives (with Pitbull)
7. Who’s Taking You Home
8. Coming With You
9. Let You What… (Interlude)
10. Take You There
11. Good Morning/Gon’ Ride
12. Make It Easy
13. Money Can’t Buy (feat. Jeezy)
14. Religious/Ratchet Wit Yo Friends
15. She Knows (feat. Juicy J)
16. She Said I’m Hood Tho (feat. Candice)
17. Story Time
18. Why
19. Congratulations
20. Come Over (Bonus)
21. Ballerina (Bonus)