Adrienne Bailon breaks down when asked about her singing career...

Being in 3LW and then The Cheetah Girls gave The Real host Adrienne Bailon all the experience needed to go solo. It was fun back then, but following her short-lived deal with Def Jam, her struggles to go solo, was met with certain obstacles. Everything from being afraid to step out on her own, to lacking the confidence needed. These are some of the things she failed to overcome. I have to be honest, and say she had a chipmunk-ish tone to her voice and at times it wasn't always very pleasant.

No, she wasn't the greatest of singers, but for the most part she held it down in 3LW. It was actually Naturi who had the best voice in the group, but I feel like she was paid dust because she didn't look a certain way. Adrienne has also put out several songs in the past just to give us a taster of her solo work, but sadly, it may never amount to an album being released. Watch a tearful Adrienne explain why she has struggled to launch a solo music career, below.