Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Chris Brown delays his ‘Between The Sheets’ tour...

Chris Brown fans are pissed. And they have every right to be. I know I would be. You spend good money on tickets. You book a hotel. Then a DAY before the singer's ‘Between The Sheets’ tour with Trey Songz is due to kick off, he waits to tell his fans that the tour has been postponed? Unacceptable. Not by days. But bloody effing WEEKS. Several fans had booked hotel accommodation too, so can you imagine their anger at losing their money? The tour was slated to kick off today.

Unfortunately, a judge has not permitted him travel to do the tour until he completes the last 100 hours of his community service. A new start date has not been determined, but an apologetic Breezy has vowed to "work his ass off to complete" those remaining hours. How is it he was not able to complete those 100 hours when he had a few weeks to do so? I know he needed those hours to rehearse for the tour but he should never have booked a tour until those hours were well and truly over. His priority should have been the community service, with his career taking a backseat until he got his act together. No judge is to blame for this, but himself.