Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Janet Jackson may be eyeing a Vegas residency...

Details are sketchy right now, but according to reports, Janet Jackson may be looking to do a future Las Vegas residency. It has been alleged on and off that Janet has been working on a new album. Well,  during a visit to the Marco Glaviano ‘Supermodels’ exhibition at the Keszler Gallery in 2012, she revealed herself that she began planning the direction of her next record, only to shut down that claim last summer. If she does put out a new album, it may exclusively be recorded for the residency.
This would be like what Britney Spears did with her last album and the one Mariah is also recording (well, it's a re-release of her greatest hits but will include new music). This would be Janet's official goodbye to fans, seeing as though she wants to bow out gracefully. People would be here for it. Tickets would sell out quickly. I can actually see this happening.