Friday, 16 January 2015

Chris Brown faces more jail time after probation in Rihanna case is revoked...

If I were Chris Brown, I'd give my attorney a serious piece of cussing, and then I'd fire him on the bloody spot! A judge has revoked his probation after he traveled without approval for a concert. This is because his attorney Mark Geragos told the judge that his office incorrectly advised him he didn't need permission to travel for the show. How does someone make a mistake like that, unless they are trying to seriously screw him over?

Secondly, he failed to complete community service on time. He was supposed to complete 1,000 hours of community labor by the end of January, but he still has roughly 200 hours to complete. 

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin allowed him to remain free at least until a March 20th hearing when the judge will receive an update from probation officials.  He was ordered by probation officials in December not to leave Los Angeles County without permission, but performed in San Jose in Northern California recently without obtaining permission to travel. 

A probation report expressed concern over the shooting at that very gig which saw five people injured. The judge also noted an August 2014 shooting that occurred while Chris was hosting a pre-VMA party in West Hollywood. The probation officer recommended that Chris serve time, saying that the singer has shown “a pattern of making choices that are counterproductive.”  

Chris is scheduled to kick off his 'Between the Sheets' tour with Trey Songz on Jan. 28th in Hampton, Va. There is a chance the entire tour may be scrapped if Chris is not granted permission to travel out of State. His main priority should have just been to keep a low profile so that he could get his life together. But instead he forged on with a career that he really had no time for, started hanging around with the wrong company, got back with the enabler girlfriend, partied consistently, and then had a couple of social media meltdowns along the way. SMH. It really isn't that hard to stay out of the spotlight and get your act together. It really shouldn't be this hard. I'm started to think he thrives on staying in some BS.