Jordin Sparks blasts Jason Derulo... and he foolishly blasts back!

Jordan Sparks wanted everyone to know that her ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo leased the BMW he claimed to have purchased for her. She made the claim during yesterday's visit to The Breakfast Club and you all know how interviews go over there. Realising how bad this may have looked on himself and his "struggling" finances, an angry Jason branded her a liar and took it up a notch by uploading an unreadable receipt to Instagram.

This was suppose to confirm he paid for the car that Jordin claimed he leased. He still looks a fool because a bill of sale usually means it is a leased car. He didn't prove anything with this receipt! Jordin said she received the phone call asking when the car would be returned. She eventually discovered it was leased when she turned it in. The truth is, she would not have received the phone call, if Jason paid for the car. Besides, this is what their break-up has come down to now? Trashing each other back and forth in interviews? I know they are boring people and this is the most publicity they have ever had, but do we really care at this point?