Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christina Milian spends New Years Eve with Lil Wayne...

Christina Milian is really proud of this pic. Seriously. No one can clearly see it's her in the background with her "arched" back. It's clearly her way of saying she and Lil Wayne are still a thing. Most girls post pics where they are all hugged up with their boyfriends at new years. Christina on the other hand, had to settle for a pic where she's just about viewable in the background, while Wayne happily poses it up with his boys.
Is he done being seen out with her publicly? I haven't seen any paparazzi shots in a while. The thrill must have run its course or... Nivea must have gotten in his ear about how bad this all looks. I had high hopes for this chick. I really did. Just so you know, her E! reality show 'Christina Milian Turned Up' premieres January 18th.