Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ciara hits back at ex fiance Future with new single 'I Bet' + reveals album title...

Ciara returns with new single 'I Bet,' a sombre R&B ballad which sees the singer putting her ex Future on blast (for those alleged infidelities). The track, produced by Harmony Samuels and co-written by Ciara and Rock City, serves as the first offering from her upcoming sixth studio album 'Jackie' (officially titled after her mama). Theron Thomas of Rock City is the one providing the addlibs, which ironically sounds a lot like Future.

Giiirl, it's too late to be putting that man on blast now since you birthed his kid. He is a serial baby daddy. You knew it. We knew it. Many of us noted he would not change, not even for you. As for the song, it's pretty much 'Sorry' part two. I don't find it very punching to be a lead single. I hope it's just promo to launch the project. It's a nice album cut, but it should strictly be that, just an album cut. This song won't really go anywhere. I see it getting some spins on urban formats but it won't be a cross-over hit for her. Ciara is not a ballad singer. Outside of the amazing 'Promise,' no one is trying to hear Ciara sing ballads, at least not now. She should be focusing on putting out something upbeat and infectious. 

This song is too soft to be a blast. If you're going to put the ex on blast and release it, do it big, do it dirty. She's had too many flop albums to be this lapse. Ciara should be bringing the fire, all guns blazing, but nope, this song just won't cut it. People will forget about it in a week. I understand she is hurt and wants to put that across in her music, but she's going to have to bite the bullet a little bit harder if she wants people to sit up and take notice this time.