Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Keri Hilson claps back at the haters over 'empty arena' ordeal...

So apparently, Keri Hilson wants you to know she doesn't care that no one showed up to see her in concert, or that she became the butt of jokes because of it. She doesn't care about Beyhive mocking and laughing at her either. Well, maybe she does care or she probably would not have felt the need to  mention the $100,000 she was paid that night to perform in front of 200 people. Sticks and stones, Ms Hilson.

Still, $100,000 just to perform a 30-minute set of old songs is actually pretty good since many of us are not making that in a year. Kudos to her if she can still make that despite a stalled music career. Did you see how she admitted in the tweet that she is no longer relevant? I hope she enjoys that $100,000. Promoters must have taken a deep loss. In hindsight this affects her, because those promoters won't be so quick to book her for concerts in the future or at least not pay her so generously (if she's telling the truth). We're still waiting for that album. Five years later... and counting.