Friday, 2 January 2015

Madonna slammed for altered pics of Martin Luther King & Mandela to promote album...

Madonna stays being a "rebel" and deliberately courting controversy to promote her underwhelming dance music. Her album 'Rebel Heart' has pretty much leaked in full and her songs are tanking on iTunes. Time to take action! Earlier today, she instagrammed images of black civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and reggae legend Bob Marley. Their faces, photoshopped with the very black cord displayed on HER album cover.

Folks are angry and feel Madonna is being disrespectful and should not be placing those historic icons who led movements, as her equals. It is also believed that misuse of these images is racially motivated and goes beyond any desperate attempts to boost interest in her new album. It was only last January, she referred to her white son Rocco, as a 'n*gga,' and two of her children David and Mercy, are black. So it's not surprising that she's back to pulling these stunts to remain relevant.