Friday, 30 January 2015

Mariah Carey "denied" $3 million advance on nearly finalised album deal with Sony...

Billboard alleges that Mariah Carey's return to Sony Music through LA Reid's Epic Records is now a nearly finalised multi-album deal. However, there was no bidding war like there had been when she signed a four-album, $80 million deal with EMI’s Virgin Records back in 2000. Different times and a testament to her less than prominent pulling power, because the source states that “Sony’s was the only deal on the table, and it came in far lower than she expected.”

In terms of how low, Mariah “was asking for a $3 million advance; [and] she didn’t get it.” Her albums don't sell anymore and her songs no longer light up charts so unfortunately, she has now lost her power to demand her worth. Sad, because she's few and between the many artists that actually cares about putting out decent music.