Mariah Carey's backing track has a mind of its own in Jamaica...

On Friday night, Mariah Carey performed at the 2015 Jazz And Blues Festival in Jamaica. This was her first ever Caribbean performance, so you'd think she'd want to set a good impression on her West Indian fans. Unfortunately, that was not the case for those that forked out a lot of money for highly priced tickets. Mariah was also paid largely in advance for the gig itself, which received mixed reactions. She relied heavily on playback for the majority of the performance and even struggled to mime in sync with the pre-recorded track.

Her live vocals were hit and miss throughout the show, but we can always put it down to technical issues (a regular occurrence now). It certainly doesn't bode well for her upcoming Vegas residency. People are going to be watching these performances and thinking, "why should I pay lots of money to watch crap like this?" The thing is, Mariah does not dance. When people go to a Mariah concert, it is purely for her vocals. So if she no longer has that instrument, spending money on a Mariah concert has mute purpose. 

It's the same with Britney Spears. Nobody goes to a Britney concert to hear her sing because she doesn't have much of a voice. She use to be a good dancer, so that is what people were paying to see. Now that she can't dance anymore, spending money on a Britney concert has mute purpose. It's just sad to see Mariah's legacy getting ruined like this. Should she just hang it up? Bow out gracefully? 

It is her performance of 'Fantasy' that was very telling (first video):