Rihanna's date night with Jay Z...

We know Rihanna is one hell of a pretty chick, but no man should be looking at any other woman like that, unless she's his wife. As I say, Rihanna has the power to ruin self esteems so you can't blame any man for being in awe of her beauty. Last night, Jay Z continued to make bank at his first boxing show as a promoter with Rihanna by his side. She was seen sitting among celebrity pals including Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

This wavy black hair and red lipstick (RiRi Woo?) looks amazing on Rihanna. I hope this is the look she sticks with, when she's ready to release her new album! 

 [Rihanna attends 'Roc Nation Sports Presents: Throne Boxing at Madison Square Garden']: