Monday, 5 January 2015

SZA apologises for dragging Beyoncé, Rihanna & Ciara in old tweets (she shouldn't have)...

Many of us have made quips about celebs on Twitter. I know for a fact that I'm more than guilty of it. But then, most of us are not expecting to sign a record deal four years later. Tinashe had to learn that the hard way when her dug up pre-fame tweets showed her shading Rihanna. And you just know Navy got in that ass. But it's rising alt-R&B singer SZA you need to feel sorry for.

Because her pre-fame tweets (from 2011) showed her coming hard for Beyoncé, as well as Rihanna and Ciara. So that is the wrath of three sets of fanbases she had to encounter (and a fourth if you include Nicki Minaj). Sigh. Her semi apology for being “a little shit head at 19” is here. If history has taught us anything, you don't diss Beyoncé and have a career (well maybe you're granted half a career if you're lucky). Just look at what happened to Keri Hilson and Keyshia Cole.