Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ashanti is still releasing singles from 'Braveheart'...

It sucks how much Ashant's career has fizzled out. If Beyoncé tweeted about Blue Ivy's inherited love of Popeyes chicken, within seconds, that not so important message would have gone viral worldwide with the quickness. But those types of hits and mass hysteria is something Ashanti won't ever get to enjoy again. I commend her for not giving up though and continuing to push forward. To be honest, I am actually surprised she is still dropping singles following the release of her album last March.

On Friday, she visited the KCAL9 studios to talk about her new single 'Scars,' which was produced by LT Hutton, from her latest album 'Braveheart.' Sadly, her career died with the Murder Inc. era, or some would say Bey ended her career the moment they released albums at around the same time. As pretty as she is, I don't see a dramatic resurrection with her next album, which she has started recording. It is actually a smart move that she has her acting and songwriting to fall back on.