Rihanna "tailgates" during the Super Bowl in Glendale...

I don't think Rihanna fully gets the concept of tailgating but that's fine, because she looked so fresh faced and youthful while seated among fans at the Super Bowl. This messy hair looks great, and the casual tomboy look is one she rocks so effortlessly. She looks like a teenager, and I mean that in a really good way. What Navy appreciates most is that she could easily have opted to mingle with other celebs in the private skybox but chose to remain in the audience with fans. Rihanna for the halftime show next year?

She may also be pleased to know that her Man Crush Monday Mychal Kendricks actually wants to date her. Though his "Island" comment rubs me up the wrong way ("She is self-made as far as getting herself off that island"). Rihanna dotes on that very Island he wrongly perceives as third world territory. Of course he's hot, but sometimes hot men should not speak, because all of a sudden, they're not so hot after all.