Chris Brown: "Rihanna can't do better than me"...

As ever, Chris Brown continues to be the PR nightmare that he is today. During a visit to the Breakfast club, he made an eye-raising claim that his ex Rihanna won't be able to find another man on his level.
His response came when asked to address Kanye West’s line “if you leave Mickey you gon' end up with a Goofy,” a reference to his rollercoaster on/off romance with Karrueche Tran. He replied: “I feel what he meant by it, and I’m not just saying it as an arrogant statement. In any situation, when you look at yourself in a certain light – cocky or not – there’s nowhere else to go. Even with [Rihanna], who else you gonna go to? Who else in this game she gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper (aka Drake)? What she do now, I got respect for her and all that, whatever her choice is. But at the time, not to toot my own own, but who hotter than me?” 

It's always the bad apples in the bunch with the huge egos. Sorry to break it to you Chris, no woman would need to do much digging to find a man that is better/hotter than you. Hell, she can find better and hotter right outside her backyard. Whatever happened to his previous pledging of not doing any more interviews? I think he needs to go back to it.