Chris Brown's 'Ayo' performance on Fallon + ‘Post To Be’ video premiere...

'Between The Sheets' tour mates Chris Brown and Tyga dropped by 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' yesterday to perform their new single 'Ayo.' 
Rocking Timberlands and parkas, the pair paced back and fourth as they exchanged verses with some help from The Roots. So this is the bollocks people enjoy listening to? Perhaps for CB's contribution, because photos of his opening slot show nobody is here for Tyga at all! Apparently, he encountered a Keri Hilson.

Nobody cared to show up for his opening part. The arena only filled up once Chris and Trey Songz hit the stage:
This might have hurt Tyga. The pedophilia tag is now attached to his name and clearly nobody wants to support a pedophile. It doesn't look good. I think he knows it's hurting him. This is why he has indulged in some damage control by blatantly denying he is dating Kylie Jenner during a visit to Power 105.1’s 'The Breakfast Club' earlier today. 

I suppose we should just ignore all those multiple photos of them hanging out, going on date nights and that much discussed trip they took to Paris? Even if he's not dating her (which I refuse to believe, unless he's suggesting they're friends with benefits), it is not a good look for a 25-year-old man to be constantly hanging around a 17-year-old so publicly. It doesn't help his case that Drake and Amber Rose are taunting him for dating a child when she was 16. 

Of course he is going to find ways to backtrack or distance himself from that relationship. He is getting bad publicity over it. Bad publicity does not bode well for business as those empty seats are implying. Their 'Fan Of A Fan: The Album' compilation drops in stores on February 24th. 

In related news, the video for Omarion's new single ‘Post To Be’ featuring Chris and Jhené Aiko finally premiered today. The DJ Mustard-produced song appears on Omarion’s latest album 'Sex Playlist', which dropped in stores last December. O's swanky sports car gets a lot of screen time. These days a Hip Hop video is simply not a Hip Hop video without the man's machismo pride of joy. Onto the next.