Justin Timberlake shows up for SNL's 40th special...

A lot of people wanted the rumour of *N Sync reuniting for SNL's 40th Special to be true so badly. Of course I knew better.  In order to get an *N Sync reunion out of Justin, they would have had to ritually sacrifice their own mothers to get it. 
Justin has always reacted badly whenever people asked him about reuniting with his old group for a tour or album. I find it disturbing that anyone would treat where they came from like it were a piece of dog sh*t they had just trod on. He needs to remember that without *N Sync, he would not have enjoyed the benefits of a largely successful solo career. Plus, a proper one time reunion would have meant so much to his fans. But they don't matter, because it's not like they weren't the ones who put his career on the map.

JT attended the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration at Rockefeller Plaza last night in New York City. During the jam-packed episode, Fallon and his five-time SNL host ran through a song-and-dance history of all the show's highlights.