NBA performers: Tamia, Christina Aguilera & Ariana Grande...

Performance festivities for the NBA All-Star game last night kicked off with a throwback set by Christina Aguilera. This came complete with the Rockettes as backup dancers and a rap contribution from Nas.
Although her sometimes growling vocals were all over the place, Aggy really went there with the choreography and it was a set I thoroughly enjoyed.

Entertained, she certainly did.

Former NBA great Grant Hill's wife Tamia was also on hand to sing Canada's national anthem and kept it simple and flawless:
Yep, Tamia knows she is a REAL vocalist. No need for any over-dramatic runs to prove yourself a singer. She knew. More singers could stand to take note.

Ariana Grande was the halftime performer at the 2015 NBA All-Star game last night. She kicked it off with her smash 'Problem,' followed by 'Love Me Harder,' 'The Way,' 'Bang Bang' and 'Break Free:' 
Nicki Minaj, who looked like she was going to burst out of her top at any moment, also joined Ariana for 'Bang Bang' so that she could deliver her rap verse. I don't really have much to say about the performance. I feel like I've seen this same set a million times before. From the same routine and tired ponytail, right down to the same type of outfit. Nothing ever changes with this chick. Decent vocals though.